After my son was born they brought me a girl instead and argued with me

The last thing a parent would have to face is fighting for their child when handed in the wrong baby.

‘After my son was born they brought me a girl instead and argued with me’

Becky Martin opened up on one of the most distressing things she ever went through after childbirth.

I actually have had my babies switched by the hospital, not just once but twice,” she said in her video.

To complicate matters it happened twice, after her eldest son and second child were born.

“With my first, they wheeled in a baby boy and they were like ‘we fed your baby for you, and I was like ‘I’m breastfeeding.”

The nurses knew there was a mistake and admitted: “Sorry, the wrong baby.”

“With my second, they wheeled in a baby girl and were like ‘here’s your daughter’.” We were like ‘she’s already in the room with us.” At this time, Becky had enough. “Once was an accident but twice was a pattern.

When she had her third and fourth child she refused for the babies to leave her sight.

Of course, they fought us on it. The charge nurse came in and said [they] had to take that baby out to do testing. I said… Well, you can either do it in my room or I’ll accompany you to the lab, or we’ll do it or we’ll do it at his first doctor’s appointment,” she said in the video.

When she was giving in to their demands one of the nurses mocked her saying “That’s right Becky, we’re all trying to steal your baby.”

“If you ever wonder what pushes a woman to become an advocate of homebirth, that’s one of many reasons,” Becky concluded.

The video went viral and many parents are already doubting if their kids are theirs. One commenter said, “Now I’m wondering if my kids are actually my kids,”.

Many women have a lot to say about the video.

One mother said, “When my son was born, they brought me a girl, and I said ‘I had a boy’… a nurse came in and said ‘I was in your delivery.’ I’ve never seen you before in my life.“

Another wrote: “My mum had to go look for my little brother after she gave birth and found him with a lady down the hall.“

Always keep an eye on your baby to avoid such mix-ups, have someone around who will see to the safety of the child to avoid such mix-ups.

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