Al Roker’s hurried trip back to the hospital has fans worried

The day after Thanksgiving, when the venerable anchor missed hosting the Macy’s parade for the first time in nearly 30 years, he was taken back to the hospital.

Al Roker reportedly underwent a health scare related to blood clots on Friday, November 25 and was rushed back to the hospital less than a day after being released.

The day after Thanksgiving, as his wife Deborah Roberts hurried to retrieve her phone from her car so they could travel together, Al, 68, was taken to the hospital. Al was admitted to the hospital as a result of missing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years.

Al seemed to be recovering since the visit, said a bystander who witnessed him being hauled away. Al was brought back to the hospital from his home on a stretcher on Friday, the day following Thanksgiving. Although his condition was concerning, they said that after going back to the hospital, he became better. HollywoodLife has made contact with Al Roker’s agents.

The bystander said Deborah, 62, was trying to break the glass of their Tesla to get her phone so she could follow him. Deborah, his wife, was understandably furious. She had forgotten to remove her phone and other belongings from their broken-down Tesla, so she was attempting to break through a glass.

Al disclosed in an Instagram post that he was hospitalised for a blood clot in the middle of November. I had a blood clot in my leg that had spread to my lungs when I got to the hospital. He gave his supporters an explanation of why he hadn’t come on Today: “I am incredibly fortunate to be receiving superb medical care and on the road to recovery after some medical whack-a-mole,” the patient said.

The well-known weatherman wasn’t present, but his fellow hosts of Today offered him love and good wishes all throughout the broadcast. Hoda Kotb gave a positive speech, noting that he had missed the show for the first time in close to 30 years.

As many of you are already aware, Al is doing very well as he recovers from a recent medical emergency. We simply want to let Al know how much we love him. We want to wish you a quick recovery, but I’m not sure if you’re listening.

Al posted on Instagram that he saw some of the procession and approved of Hoda and Savannah Guthrie. In addition, he posted a picture of his family, expressing his joy at being able to celebrate the holiday with them. I’m so appreciative to be able to spend Thanksgiving dinner at home with my family, he wrote.

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