The devastating news was delivered by Al Roker’s daughter

Al Roker has been hospitalised with blood clots that have spread to his lungs for the past few weeks, which has been difficult for him and his family. His family has been by his side the entire way.

The well-liked celebrity, according to reports on Wednesday, was able to go back to his house for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he needed to be taken back to the hospital in an ambulance the following day.

Leila, Al’s youngest daughter, took to Instagram to share an emotional update on what had happened the previous month after Page Six and other media outlets broke her father’s news.

She captioned a collection of positive photos with the phrase “November photo dump – the parts of this month that were genuinely nice.” She appeared in one of the pictures with Al, Deborah Roberts, her mother, Nick, and Courtney.

“Another person said, “Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” and a third said, “Love to you,” after fans inquired about her father. Prayers for many happy occasions as well as for your family and your father were added by a fourth person.

“Another person added, “Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” and a third said, “Love to you,” after fans inquired about her father. “Praying for many happy moments, as well as prayers for your family and your father,” a fourth person added.

The well-liked host of the Today show had been away from the programme for a few weeks due to health issues, but on Thursday, November 24, he made it home in time to spend the holidays with his family.

Less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital, he was transported back there by ambulance, according to Page Six. Nevertheless, he did not resume his hosting responsibilities the following week and neither will he do so this week.

Deborah, Al’s wife, was alleged to have hurriedly followed her husband’s ambulance from their Upper East Side residence back to the hospital.

Al keeps his Instagram page active by providing his followers with daily updates about his life, but his most recent post was almost a week ago.

Deborah posted a Facebook update about the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting along with a picture that appeared to be from a hospital ward.

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