Al Roker’s latest health update; undergoes surgery again

Al Roker, the beloved meteorologist on the Today Show, recently took a break from his role due to health issues. He was hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs and legs, but after weeks of treatment, he returned to television screens with a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, Roker’s health took another hit, and he is now on a break again after undergoing total knee replacement surgery.

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Roker shared a video of himself walking slowly in a hospital hallway after the surgery, giving his fans an update on his condition. He expressed gratitude to his doctors and mentioned that he was using a negative pressure pump to aid wound healing. The video featured the song “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits playing in the background.

The meteorologist also shared a slideshow on social media featuring his wife, ABC News journalist Deborah Roberts, accompanying him during his hospital visits over the years. Roker humorously commented on their frequent hospital encounters, to which his wife replied that they would work on avoiding such situations in the future.


Roberts also posted pictures of Roker’s recent hospital stay, expressing gratitude for the medical team that helped him recover from the major challenge of knee replacement surgery. She thanked everyone for their well-wishes, prayers, and the blessing of good healthcare. The couple has been through multiple health crises, with Roberts acknowledging the difficulties and exhaustion they faced. She emphasized the importance of stepping up and doing what needs to be done in such situations.


Roker, a newsroom legend, is currently doing well, although his last health scare was particularly challenging. Roberts described her husband’s condition as “very, very critical” at the time, and she expressed the toll it took on her. Despite the hardships, Roker’s wife remained determined to get him back on his feet and take care of him. The couple, who have been married since 1995 and have two children together, Leila and Nicholas, are grateful for the support they received during this trying time.


Regarding his career, Roker has no plans to retire and claims to be more passionate about his work than ever before. He shared the story of his father retiring from being a bus driver at the age of 55 because he no longer found it enjoyable. In contrast, Roker finds working on the Today Show to be a wonderful experience and looks forward to it every day. He emphasized the unique and dynamic nature of the job, expressing his love for the audience, crew, and producers. Roker finds it difficult to imagine giving up something so fulfilling and meaningful.

In conclusion, Al Roker faced health challenges with blood clots and a knee replacement surgery, but he remains optimistic about his recovery. Supported by his wife, Deborah Roberts, and the medical team, Roker continues to show resilience and determination. He cherishes his work on the Today Show and has no intentions of retiring anytime soon.

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