The lips of a lip reader show King Charles’ scathing words to Camilla in the coronation carriage – his big day didn’t go as planned

After their coronation weekend, King Charles and Queen Camilla have returned to work. The pair was crowned on Saturday at Westminster Abbey before attending the coronation concert at Windsor on Sunday. While King Charles has many responsibilities, there have been some worries raised about his health.

The coronation was a meticulously prepared ceremony that involved thousands of servicemen and women, volunteers, and ceremonial proceedings that were meticulously scheduled down to the minute.

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According to accounts, the royals had gone to the Abbey to rehearse prior to the ceremony, but as is typically the case, something didn’t go quite as planned.

When King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived in their golden chariot at Westminster on Saturday, they had to wait for a few minutes. Now, it appears that a lipreader has disclosed what King Charles said to his wife while they sat in the carriage.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 06: King Charles III stands after being crowned during his coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, on May 6, 2023 in London, England. The Coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the other Commonwealth realms takes place at Westminster Abbey today. Charles acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022, upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II. (Photo by Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Suffice it to say, he wasn’t pleased…

Despite the poor weather, King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation was a spectacular success. Thousands of people lined the streets of London to honour the king, and British workers were even given the day off on Monday.

The delay was caused by William and Kate’s children, according to royal biographer Omid Scobie.


“There was no room for error.” “And thankfully, thanks to the weeks of rehearsals that the royals put in before the coronation, the day went off without a hitch,” Scobie wrote in Harper’s Bazaar.

“In fact, apart from Prince William and Princess Kate joining the procession late (children were to blame, a source tells me), and Camilla’s ladies in attendance – sister Annabel Elliot, and queen’s companion the Marchioness of Lansdowne – accidentally creating an unfortunate wedgie moment out of her silk Bruce Oldfield dress on the way into the Abbey, very few hitches took place.”

The king and queen were captured on camera nervously waiting in their carriage for five minutes. Several lip readers have now examined what Charles might have said during the wait.

“We can never be on time,” Charles moaned, according to lip reader Jeremy Freeman. There’s always something going on… this is boring.”

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Jacqui Press, another lip reader, reviewed film of the king in his carriage parade and told Mail Online that Charles said: “I’m anxious about time, I mean it’s been longer this time and, well, erm, I mean look! I know.”

A large coronation concert was held at Windsor on Sunday, the day after the event.

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