Alec Baldwin – career and family

Ever since the tragic shooting during the production of ”Rust” Alec Baldwin has been in the spotlight. His fate hasn’t been defined so far and he has been getting a lot of support from everyone. 

The support from his daughter came as a shock to many as they have no good relationship. When she was younger, Alec fought over her custody and things got sour between the both of them.

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Since Alec’s childhood, he always loved acting and went into the industry in his 20s. He got his breakthrough in the television series The Doctors in the 1980s.

He got his first and ever award in 2004 Best Actor in a Supporting Role in The Cooler.

He went on to play other characters which he did exceptionally well. We all know about his exceptional performance in the show biz, but many do not know about his private life as he hid it perfectly well from the media.

His first marriage with Kim Basinger didn’t end on a good note as they fought for the custody of their daughter Ireland Baldwin.

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It came as a surprise to many when their relationship turned sour. Their first meeting was like a fairytale and many admired their union.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Basinger saw her and Baldwin’s pictures alongside each other in Rees’ office and remarked: “We are going to make a terrific couple.”

It didn’t take long before they became a couple, and they were on a date when Baldwin made a move.

“He kissed me and then asked me if I wanted kids,” Basinger recalled in an interview with People. In response, she called him “psychotic” and said that he should instead focus on the movie.

Baldwin went on to call his friend, saying that Basinger was “driving me insane,” and, “we’re getting married.”

“The reason I fell in love with Kim is that she’s so odd,” Baldwin told Variety in 2000. “With that kind of beauty, this is a woman who could have married the head of a studio or a big director or a movie star who gets $20 million a movie.”

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The duo has a daughter together and after their divorce, they fought for her custody, and they were granted joint custody of her.

Alec had a good relationship with her daughter, but not until he dropped a voice mail that changed their relationship forever.

He called her a thoughtless pig. “I don’t think anybody ever recovers now from things like that,” Alec wrote in his memoir. “It’s a scab that never heals … I thin my daughter, that’s perpetually hurt her.”

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Their relationship today is back to normal, and still regrets ever having to hurt his daughter.

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