Family Takes Photo – Woman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Detail

Everything was going well before the couple set out for Africa for a picnic. They took a picture on the last day with the host family which seemed a normal thing. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t a normal picture. It changed their life. The lady soon filed for divorce after seeing the pic.

The woman never thought that a common picture is going to ruin her marriage and destroy her world.

The trip to Africa was perfectly fine. Especially the safari. And the locals were so sweet. Particularly the two children of the host family had conquered their hearts. Therefore on the last day, they took one more pic together.

That trip was the amazing surprise she ever had in her entire life. Her husband always wanted to surprise his lady. They both had a better understanding and knew each other well. But it came out less real than she had imagined.

When she clearly looked at the photo, she zoomed it in. And she was certainly shocked. “This can’t be true”.

Cara and hay had been married for 2 years. The love between them was based on first sight. Jay saw her in a mall for the first time and couldn’t let her go. A huge shine and spark aroused when he talked to her at a store.

The followed years for Cara were just like a fairy tale. That icing cake when in the winter Jay got on his knee for her. And the same day but the next year they got tied into a knot. And their life was going perfect.

But after seeing the photo, Cara saw that Jay was carrying a giant secret with him all along. Cara wasn’t expecting anything such disappointing.

Both were close enough and enjoying but then Jay suddenly pulled a bottle of champagne. That’s what Cara loved. Being surprised by Jay. But this time she too was surprised but in a negative way after seeing the photo.

For three weeks the couple stayed in Africa. They slept with a host family for most of the time which they had met online. It was the family with three children which planned the tour for them. Seeing the cuteness of the children Cara asked for a photo. She didn’t know that this picture is going to turn her life around.

The Africa trip was over and they had the last dinner. And the couple was about to fly back. During dinner, Jay talked all about kids. Cara was confused if Jay wanted to say something about the kids?.

Cara always wanted to expand her family with Jay. They both had the same interests and never had any fight.

Cara got excited with the conversation of the children. Especially when he saw Jay playing with the kid of the host family. That’s the reason she asked his father for a picture.

But right after she clicked a photo. Jay started to behave strangely.

However, the mother of the children was never always present but Cara didn’t care. Because she thought that children were the real hosts. Jay didn’t like to take pic with kids at all. Jay was in good mood on next morning as well.

But it was the photo that turned everything around. Cara thought it was because Jay didn’t want to leave the place. In the picture, it was clearly visible that he laughed nervously in the photo.

The time which they spent in Africa was nothing else than a fairy tale. When they were back home it was difficult to forget the magic world and come back to real life. But Cara was ok with the hope that his magical husband will soon give her another surprise.

Missing Africa, Cara started looking at the photos of the wonderful journey. She was thinking to make an album of the photos. But her mind go blank for a while when she turned to another picture.

Cara was aware that Jay wasn’t waiting for the picture. Jay was ok during the whole journey. Even after the pic, he was fine. But in the picture, he seemed too nervous.

She got to know his nervousness from his smile. Cara could easily recognize that fake smile. But she was shocked after zooming in on the photo.

When she looked at Jay’s hand, tension started running in her body. Cara started crying after knowing the reality. She memorized all the happy days and thought about how long this went out.

Cara was a good reader and had read many books based on emotions and looks. And that’s what helped her out today. When Jay came home Cara was lying on the sofa. He asked what happens and Cara replied that she has found out his secret.

He knew what’s she talking about but still asked “what secret” and Carry told him all about the photo. And he soon admitted

“Ten years ago during my studies in Africa, I had met a woman. We had fallen in love with each other. Unfortunately, I had to go back home and she couldn’t come. For the last 10 years, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I still love her. That woman is the mother of the host family we were in. While you were asleep or away, I spent time there with her. But her husband found out. That’s why he was so mad at me. I’m sorry, baby.”

Carra told him “Your hand revealed the secret. You were wearing a wedding ring, but it wasn’t ours. Also, the fact that you got so nervous when the host family man took a picture. And that I’d never met his wife. The pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell together!”

Unfortunately, they broke up their marriage and later decided to be friends. They decided to go back to Africa and tell the man all the truth they knew. Because Jay had decided that he won’t lie anymore.

The man soon understood the situation because his wife also used to talk about jay a lot. Carra and Jay are still good friends.

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