Steven Seagal today: Net worth, family, children, wife, height

Steven Seagal entered into the movie industry with a leap of faith, he never knew he was going to turn out as a huge star.

Steven has endured all manner of hardships as he had to turn into an adult at a very young age. Steve was born in Lansing, Michigan on April 10, 1952.

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His father Samuel workes as a high school mathematics teacher while his mom, Patricia was a medical technician.

Steve has always been a music lover from a young age and could listen to the blues which influenced him a lot. “I got my first guitar when I was 12,” he explained. “The blues got into my blood, you know. I started to imitate them and tried to learn from them.”

Steve was a music lover as well as a martial art lover, it was a lie that took him the path of karate. Steven was asthmatic and was very frail as a child. “He was a puny kid back then. But he thrived after the move,” his mom told People of her son’s childhood.

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Seagal worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant and the chef taught him martial arts during their free time. Seagal left the US at the age of 17 and moved to Japan to teach English and further practice martial arts.

He studied in Japan for 15 years and by the end of his stay, he was a well-known important figure. Seagal had a tough time being in the karate School as they thought he just came to pay someone to learn a few moves and then go back to the US to teach what he has learned.

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“You have to understand that the way to enlightenment is through deprivation. They create an environment where you’re not getting any approval for all the work you’re putting in,” Seagal told the Los Angeles Times in 1986.

“You’re not getting any sleep or love or attention, you’re getting your butt kicked and you’re up before anyone fixing meals and cleaning.” “They push you to your limit and when you are so deprived and so hungry for everything, a little window opens up in your mind that when they do give you something you’re going to get it, understand it, appreciate it, and you’ll understand some of the mystical deeper meaning that starts to become available to you.”

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Seagal went into the show business and turned out to be a successful star and his net worth is estimated to be over $1.6 million. He’s currently living in Russia and having the best time of his life.

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