An Act Of Kindness Worth One Million Dollars

It’s always good to help others when we have the means.

Nicholas was raised properly by his mother to always help people in need and be kind to all, little did he know that learning this was going to give him millions of dollars. Nicholas used the little he had to help a woman who was going to the hospital to meet her mother.

AmoMama began by telling the story of Sandra Anderson. She fled from her abusive husband and was staying with her infant daughter in her friend’s house. Sandra didn’t dare to tell her mom what was happening in her marriage as her mother always warned her that her husband was bad news.

Sandra was still contemplating on how to let her mother know when she got a phone call that her mom was in the hospital. Out of panic, she picked up her little girl and headed to the bus stop.

On getting on the bus, the driver remained her that she hasn’t paid her fare and that’s when it dawned on her she didn’t come out with her Wallet. She explained to the driver that she will pay as soon as she gets to the hospital, but the driver wasn’t believing her story.

“I will pay for her fare! Please don’t tell them to leave,” a strong voice said as the driver already asked them to get down.

She was struck and when she finally gathered herself to thank him and at least get to know his name.

“I’m Nicholas!” the boy replied cheerfully. “You know you don’t need to thank me. My mother says that if you have the means to help someone, you should always do so!”

She asked for his address to come to visit later and to thank the strong woman who raised him.

Sandra went the next day to the address and she was at the point of tears when she saw the house where Nicholas shared with his mom. Nicolas and his mom lived in a tiny, crumbling two-room cottage.

Nicholas’s mom was looking frail and exhausted and by the state of the house, one can say they are struggling to survive.

Sandra went home and set up a Crowdfunding for Nicholas and his mom, and thanks to Bethany, Sandra’s friend who had lots of followers they were able to raise one million dollars.

The money was handed over to Nicholas’s mom who was in tears at such generosity, but people praised her for raising such a sweet kind boy.

Source: Amomama

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