Nicole Kidman’s transformation over the years

In Hollywood history, Nicole Kidman can be said to be one of the most talented and successful actresses.

The 54 years have been in many movies and have always undergone transformations to fit into each role perfectly.

Kidman got her breakthrough as an actress in 1989 after staring at Dead Calm.


In Days of Thunder, she played alongside Cruise Tom, a project that started her international career.

No matter what was going on in her private life she always excelled in acting, most of us know how her marriage to Tom went.

She straightened her hair for the first time while shooting the comedy-drama film Flirting in 1999.

”I wish I had my curls back,” Kidman said. “I tortured them to death. I always say, ‘Don’t ruin the ringlets!’”

One of Kidman’s most famous transformations came when she played Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

Kidman used a fake nose while filming and even after continued using the prosthetic nose as she was in the middle of a divorce with Tom Cruise and wanted her privacy.

Nicole Kidman in a scene from the Samuel Goldwyn movie “Flirting”

Her fake nose made it harder for the paparazzi to recognize Kidman. At that turbulent time during her private life, this gave her much-needed anonymity.

”I did enjoy being anonymous,” Kidman told SFG. ”It was fun to be able to go out of my trailer and not have anyone know me.”

Actor Denzel Washington announced the winner during the Oscars in 2003, and he proclaimed, “…and the winner, by a nose, is Nicole Kidman”, about Kidman’s famous facial detail.

In 2004, Kidman went through another transformation as a brunette. The movie birth became the most controversial movie of all time as it revolved around a widow who believes that her husband came back to life in the body of a 10-year-old boy.

“It wasn’t that I wanted to make a film where I kiss a 10-year-old boy. I wanted to make a film where you understand love,” Kidman said.

Birth gained a lot of attention for several controversial scenes.

In 2018 it was Choppy, brown hair. “It was quite a bit of actual makeup, painting and making her skin look a little weathered like most people in their 50s that haven’t taken care of themselves,” makeup designer Bill Corso told Variety.

“Kidman can be seen doing her best Edward Scissorhands impression with a choppy gray-and-black wig,” Melissa Minton wrote at W Magazine in 2018. “Her bangs and the front of her hair are cut bluntly, with the back spiked up in a demented version of Kate Gosling meets Cruella de Vil.”

Alessio Botticelli / GC Images

Over the years, she has left many in awe of her transformations and she has always portrayed the roles exceptionally.

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