An expert says in a new, concerning update that King Charles is “extremely concerned” about Kate Middleton

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer in January after having an enlarged prostate checked out. He is currently undergoing treatment.

The public was informed about Kate Middleton’s stomach surgery on the same day that the therapy for his enlarged prostate was revealed, and the princess and the king visited the London Clinic.

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As of right now, we are aware that Kate Middleton and King Charles are both receiving cancer treatment. Kate is not disclosing the specific type of cancer she was diagnosed with, but her announcement of the diagnosis seems to have had a big effect on the public. The same applied to King Charles, who disclosed his illness.

Kate Middleton has grown to be one of, if not the most, well-liked royals throughout the years. In the meantime, she and Charles have developed a remarkable friendship, which has, in a sense, grown stronger as they undergo therapy together today. But despite the fact that both the princess and the king are receiving cancer treatments, it seems as though King Charles isn’t giving himself any consideration. According to recent reports, he appears to be very worried about Kate Middleton.

Following Christmas, the royal family seemed to be entering a new chapter in its history, almost nine months after monarch Charles was formally proclaimed monarch at his coronation in May at Westminister Abbey.

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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the population has welcomed and warmly embraced King Charles and Queen Camilla as their successors. The popularity of Prince William and Kate Middleton has also been rising, and many people seemed to believe that this year will be the finest yet. But things did not stay that way for long.

Even while the two appear to be having a fantastic time together, things might not be as perfect as they appear. Author of Charles III: New King, New Court Robert Hardman claims King Charles is quite concerned about his daughter-in-law in an interview with Hello! Magazine.

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He clearly has a great deal of worry for her. I believe he wants to ensure that he does everything within his power because, as Hardman noted, “this is a different order of magnitude for someone having to deal with this in their 70s than it is for a very fit and healthy young mother.”

He has undoubtedly comforted her in the same manner that she has most likely comforted him. I believe it has only served to strengthen their bond. He has always held his daughter-in-law in the highest regard. He finds her to be really amazing.

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“People in hospitals don’t really want a fuss,” the royal expert continued. But the truth was that she was there, and so was the King, along with the Queen. They also visited each area to make sure the Princess was comfortable. It serves as a reminder that the Windsors, like the rest of us, are mortal. We also need to be really sympathetic to them because they are going through an incredible shock, yet we are all talking about it while they go through it.

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