Kate Middleton’s “curse”: A Forme aide alerts members of the royal family to the fact that the princess’s “frenzy” is the new normal

Following the release of a modified Mother’s Day portrait, Kate Middleton received harsh criticism from fans and experts all around the world. The Princess of Wales was even forced to apologise in public, and news organisations chose not to post it on their websites.

Nobody knew why she posted it at the time, but conspiracy theories became more elaborate and strange by the day. Finally, Kate Middleton disclosed that she had received a cancer diagnosis.

Despite the princess’s desire for her medical records to remain confidential, admirers demanded access to them all when she was recovering from her stomach surgery at the London Clinic in January.

One expert said that Kate was being bullied in some way, and following the Mother’s Day picture, another expert said that Kate was being bullied by media. Days in solitude are rare for the Princess of Wales and her family, particularly not after a contentious incident. According to a former royal assistant, Kate has been “cursed.”

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The royal family has been embroiled in numerous scandals lately. After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle permanently left the royal family, the Sussexes’ relationship with the royals back in the UK was destroyed. Through numerous interviews and Harry’s book Spare, they exposed how they had been abused by different members of the monarchy and criticised it for its place in modern society.

People is told by a former longtime royal aide that the Mother’s Day photo controversy involving Kate Middleton was only one instance of how people in the modern world are demanding more. The person asserted that Kate had been “cursed” in one way. “Malice was not present.

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However, it released a suppressed sense that people were curious; regrettably, that’s the cost of being a contemporary king, the lifelong palace aide added. “It was an intricate response.”

The former palace staffer went on, “[The royal family] is vulnerable at the moment, and there will be an even greater appreciation that they are human beings with frailties like the rest of us.” “They give their jobs with devotion. After Kate fully recovers, I believe you will find that she will come back even more pationate”

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