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Avoiding People To Protect Your Mental Health

Dealing with creativity can be quite a downer. If you have ever had a colleague who pours negative energy all over you every day, you would understand what it means to want to stay away from certain people. 

If you have that acquaintance who complains about everything and does not see good in anything, then chances are you try as much as you can to hide from them. In the same way, talking or relations to certain toxic people is never a pleasant experience, and it can be a threat to your peace of mind.

Setting Limits

It is hard to deal with negative people who would rather wallow in their problems than solving them. They just want you to join their endless pity party, perhaps to feel better about themselves. If this is taking a mental toll on you, you can avoid the dream by setting limits and distancing yourself when necessary. 

Friend, if that negative person were chain-smoking cigarettes, then no one wants to sit by them all day and take in their second-hand smoke. So, as politely as you can, keep your yards up and breathe when you need to. 

Mindful Responses Help

If you really cannot change being around such people at a certain moment, you can employ the habit of responding mindfully rather than reacting. Reactions are hot, thoughtless and in-the-moment eruption of senses usually buoyed by ego. 

Humans are more likely to react when they are disconnected from their logical minds. It may take some seconds for your intuition to kick in and offer some perspective. When you feel bothered and driven to an imaginary wall, you should calm down and respond mindfully. 

Emotional Detachment

To keep stress at a distance, you need to maintain some level of emotional detachment from that negative person. Not giving them the chance to heap the weight of their misgiving and insufficiency is vital not just your mental health, but also your happiness. 

Everything boils down to the way you value yourself, and thus have some self-belief. Know this: if your sense of satisfaction and self-worth is dependent on others’ opinions, you are no longer in control of your own happiness.

Timing Out

This could be your last resort, yet your biggest weapon against the murderers of mental health. You do not have to be rude or dramatic about it, but walking away from something or someone that threatens your emotional balance is not a taboo. 

Is the nagging becoming too much or are the contents of the conversations beginning to upset you? If practicing mindfulness here seems impossible because of the pressure, you can simply walk away. Take those few minutes to breathe and focus on calming yourself down. See yourself letting go of the stress. 
Emotional health is one of the major keys to your own happiness. And, happiness is less about what we do and more about becoming agile, healthy, and balanced. Avoiding negative people to attain this is not a weakness. It’s a strength.

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