Baby born with an ”angry” face and get Oligohydramnios diagnosis

Pregnancy is one of the intriguing phases of a woman’s life and it always comes as a blessing. For some people it’s always hard to have babies, others it comes quickly. 

Hollie Wall was when of the few people that never expected to have babies as the doctors told her she has fertility issues. She underwent surgery to remove some big kinds of stuff from her uterus, so she felt she won’t be able to have a child again.

Hollie already has two sons from her previous marriage, but she wanted to have a child together with her new husband. 

She was so surprised by the outcome of her pregnancy test and it was hard to believe that she will ever get pregnant, especially after going through several tests each Month and it always came out negative.

When she saw the two lines on to the pregnancy test, she thought it wasn’t correct and didn’t want to raise her husband’s hope high as she knows she will never be able to conceive.

Hollie’s test went smoothly, went for an ultrasound and the baby was doing great.

When it was time for delivery as the doctors told her, she felt the baby didn’t want to come out yet as she was already due and felt no contraction or the tendency of having the child soon. She consulted the doctor and the doctor’s expression alone after the ultrasound test was horrific. The doctor said Hollie has no amniotic fluid.

She was diagnosed with Oligohydramnios, a condition that’s very rare and hardly heard of.

Hollie went through several tests and an ultrasound to determine the health status of the baby. The baby looked so healthy and she still had little amniotic fluid and will be due in three days.

Hollie was going about her daily activities when the baby moved before the due date and she had to leave for the hospital immediately. Her intuition told her something was wrong and she wasn’t so wrong either as after several questions by nurses she was admitted into the emergency room.

A C-section was recommended for her as the baby’s heart was dropping. It was a complicated situation as there are chances of the baby being Brian dead as well as other complications that might come with a C-section.

In the end, baby Winter Josephine was born and she brought a lot of joy to her mother who has been yearning to meet her.

Remembering that winter looked Angry when she was born always made her laugh and everyone says the same thing.

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