Agnetha Faltskog became a superstar with ”ABBA”

ABBA is one of the legendary bands on planet earth. Agnetha Faltskog is one of the Swedish quartets who choose a different life outside the spotlight.

The main singers of the group were Faltskog and also Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Faltskog became exceptional amongst other members of the group as she got people to dance with and her voice was breaking hearts.

Faltskog isn’t producing music any longer, she has aged and lives in Sweden.

The members of the ABBA group suddenly disappeared when the group split, but their sings will forever remain in her heart. The great pop group has a song for every moment of our life and they split and started living their private lives.

Agnetha came into the world on April 5, 1950, in Sweden. Her father was Knut Invgar Faltskog and her mom mother Birgit Margraeta Johansson. She’s the first of her parent’s two daughters.

Agnetha has always been interested in music from a young age and at the age of five, she wrote her first song. She started taking piano lessons at the age of eight.

At the age of 13 in 1960, she formed a band with her two childhood friends and they called themselves the chambers. 

Agnetha released her debut song at the age of 17 and it rose to No. 1 on the Swedish charts. It was after this her career skyrocketed and she was set to perform alongside Bjorn Ulvaeus.

The band ABBA came most unexpectedly, the band was never planned for and all their songs were hit after production.

Agnetha got married to Bjorn Ulvaeus in 1971, and in 1973 they welcomed their first child, Linda.

She raised the other kids with Bjorn Ulvaeus and most times it was hard leaving home when they have to be without their kids. It got to a point that if they have to be away for 14 days they have to make it up by being at home for 14 days.

It was tough for Agnetha and she was contemplating on leaving the group.

Agnetha divorced Bjorn a few years after and it was during those moments she released her song ”divorce”. She embarked on a solo career and released several albums after that.

They were all hits until she decided to retract from the spotlight and have a private life.

Agnetha’s voice still lives rent-free in our heads and the superstar can never be forgotten so easily.

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