Baby boy born with snow-white hair dubbed Prince Charming

Most expecting mothers always wonder who or what their child will look like. They can’t wait to welcome the baby into their home. Some don’t mind the look of their kids, all they want is to have a healthy child.

Many kids come into the world every day and they all come in their unique forms. The beauty of the world lies in its diversity.

In 2015, a bundle of joy Bence came into the Székesfehérvár, Hungary. He wasn’t like other kids; he was unique and that attracted the attention of the nurses and doctors. Bence was born with white snow hair which got everyone in the hospital talking, the doctors and nurses called him Prince Charming throughout his stay.

It was more controversial because Hungarians were known for their dark hair and seeing the silvered color of their child, left them in shock.

Bence’s birth was normal and had no complications; during his stay in the womb, his mother never complained of any pains or whatsoever that might feel off to her.

Bence’s parents weren’t so comfortable with their son having long white hair, they were scared something might go wrong the way. His white hair wasn’t normal and they all feared for his health.

Doctors projected he has a rare case of albinism, but after several tests and checkups it was found that he didn’t suffer any congenital partial absence of pigment, he just had a low melanin count.

His case was still discussed amongst other doctors as it was just his hair that lacked the melanin pigment which isn’t so common or should be the first they have ever seen.

Dr. Zoltan Kummer was the one in charge of Bence’s case and even after checking out his vitals and found no trace of albinism he still had to stay in the hospital. The reason was to make sure he was healthy and will live a normal life thereafter.

Dr. Kummer and other teams of doctors said ”as he advances in age his hair will darken over time and it was nothing to worry about it”, despite all the assurance his parents were still worried about him.

They posted the newborn on social media like every other baby and that attracted a lot of fans who wouldn’t stop gushing over him.

Bence’s parents never knew their bundle of joy will attract a lot of public attention and people always called him cute because he did look like a prince charming. He caused a media frenzy and millions of people couldn’t stop admiring the cute baby.

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