This is what Rachel Ward, who played Meggie Cleary in The Thorn Birds, looks like today

Rachel Ward is a legendary actress who hasn’t left the spotlight for decades. The star was born in Cornwell.

Rachel dropped out of school and started as a fashion model, working for Vogue, cosmopolitan, Harper’s, and queen’s magazine. She also featured in a lot of commercials and that was an open door to Hollywood for her.

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Rachel played other roles before she auditioned and got the lead role of Meggie Cleary in the thorns birds and acted alongside Richard Chamberlain. When she talked about her audition, she said she didn’t put in much work, she wasn’t acting for the capital it all flowed naturally.

The 10-hour long series was a huge success and it got quite several awards and nominations.

Rachel also got an award amidst the backlashes of her being still active and having no business or talent for Hollywood, but her daughter told her she was fabulous and that alone was all she wanted to hear.

The show was the offshoot of Rachel’s career and also gave her the love of her life.

Rachel and Bryan Brown got married in 1983. The two lover birds met on set and everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off the chemistry between them. It was so easy to notice as they were always happy being around each other and often spend a lot of time together.

Chamberlain also said he has never seen two people so in love and their relationship helped Rachel get her roles right.

The duo has three kids together and is still together until this day.

Rachel is 63 years and she hasn’t left the big screens; we still see her in some movies like Devil’s Playground and The Straits, The Big House, and a host of others.

Maltida, one of the couple’s kids had a child in 2019, and Rachel and Bryan became grandparents for the first time. It was one of the happiest moments of their life and the bundle of joy was named Zan.

Maltida revealed in an interview that her parents never left her side throughout the birth process. Her dad was by her side rubbing her hair and her mom was cheering her. She was so happy that her parents were with her and that alone made her stronger.

Ward didn’t stop at acting, she’s doing charitable works, speaking up for people, and helping those in need. We wish her all the best.

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