Barron Trump taught ‘lesson of kindness’ during first weeks at new Florida private school

Barron Trump, the son of Donald Trump is sitting in a school at West Palm Beach, Florida.He already had two weeks in Oxbridge Academy from where he will graduate in 2024 hopefully.

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The life of the farmer’s son has been very private uptill now. Because he has not been seen In public often. But some details have been arised from his new school at southern Florida which brought Barron into light.

It was reported that Barron will be served some special food at school and also will be thought lessons in kindness. There isn’t anything new that net worth of Donald Trump is limitless. Therefore his son must not be willing for anything special.

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His mother Melania told that Barron loved planes and helicopters in his childhood. She said that she used to prepare his lunch and breakfast by her own.

Even though they had a luxurious life but didn’t had traditional nanny. Melania said “Barron is 9 years old. He needs somebody as a parent there, so I am with him all the time.

As you know my husband is traveling all the time.”Trump also said “We keep it down to a minimum,”he added “If you have too much help, you don’t get to know your children.”Melania revealed about Barron that he was a creative kid and she was in favor of that and supported him.

She told that Barron even used to draw on walls. She told “In his space, the décor style of the rest of our home is mixed with what he is into: planes and helicopters,””We let him be creative; let his imagination fly and do whatever he wants.

Whatever he wants to do with his own room later on, he can do it. Whatever he wants to do with his own room he can do it. He draws on the walls, we can paint it over.”

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