Barbara Walters’ health and life today

There are many of the Hollywood starts who got unrecognizable after the turn over of 50 or more than that. Barbara Walters, the famous tv anker and host is one of those celebrities. She’s the one who paved way for women in news industry.


But sadly her health is now declining at the age of 91. She presented so many interesting Hollywood news and also made the viewers laughed. Walters said goodbye to news industry in 2014. She’s living in New York today.But today’s reports say that the Anker has advanced dementia.


Her full name is Barbara Jill Walters . She was born on 25 September 1929 at Boston. Her father had a night club. But due to some issues the night club was gone soon and they had hard times. But Walters soon cleared in an interview “He had a breakdown. He went down to live in our house in Florida, and then the government took the house, and they took the car, and they took the furniture,”

She added “My mother should have married the way her friends did, to a man who was a doctor or who was in the dress business.”. Walters earned a degree in English from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. And soon after her graduation her tv career began.

Before getting job in NBC’s New York affiliate WRCA she worked as secretary. Soon she became a writer and producer. She moved on to work as a news, public affairs producer and writer at CBS, before returning to NBC in 1961.


It didn’t took any long time to get famous. In 60s she wrote many stories based on the personal issues of women . And soon she became a tv star. She bacame the “Today Girl” in 1964 by delivering great work of news and featured stories.

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