The Bogdanoff twins in 2021

While surfing through the internet you must have seen pictures of the Bogdanoff twins, even without knowing them you must have come across those faces. The identical twin brothers always cause a media frenzy each time because of their unusual appearances.

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Many people all over the world have different views about them. Some think that they are a tragic incarnation from ancient Greece. It’s a saga in the past surrounding people who begged the gods for beauty, but they ended up being attractive only in their eyes and somewhat weird to those around them.

The twins were born like normal people and looking back at their teenage days you won’t believe the transformation so far and how they got here. 

Forty years ago the twins had their primetime series about science fiction and they were gaining fame so much in Europe, they became the heartthrobs of many. They were known for their show; the twins are 72 years now and they seem to have lost all the fame and love showered on them and are now discussed for an entirely different reason.

Grischka and Igor Bogdanoff / Photo by Philippe Le Tellier/Getty Images

The twins were born in the Southern West of France on August 26, 1949, and according to Wikipedia Igor is the elder as he was born 40 minutes before Grichka. 

The twins were raised by their grandmother who lived a dramatic life and many think that it accounts for many of the twin’s actions. 

Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Krakowská raised them in the castle Saint-Lary Esclignac and in 1909 she got married to Hieronymus Graf. Their marriage was a roller coaster as he was 20 years older than her. 

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Bertha had an affair with Roland Heyes and it was a big scandal. She was cast out of the Nobel family and had to retire to a castle where she raised the twin’s mother.

The twins at a young age had high intelligence and they had a passion for astrology. They started a show and people fell in love with their charisma and IQ, but it all changed in the 1990s when the twins started their cosmetic surgery journey.

Their obsession for cosmetic surgery took off after the first one and ever since then have been through a lot of procedures.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

The show ended along the line and people no longer talked about their fascinating show rather what they described as ridiculous cheekbones.

The twins have always maintained a low profile when it comes to their private life and kept it off the media.

The duo no matter what people have to say about them seems to be living their best life.

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