Be a good person in real life

There are different categories of people, the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly. What category do you fall into?

Every human being has a selfish trait in them. It depends on whether it’s dominant or recessive.

Any action we take today will speak for us when we are gone. What type of legacy do we want to leave behind? 

Life’s always what you make it and make out of it. There’s no better investment than investing in people. You feel happy, and happiness is the food of the soul, either way, helping people can be helping yourself. 

Life is like a boomerang. You can never escape the after-effects of your actions. Do things that will always bring favors to you, not curses. 

Be a good person because you have to be good and not because of what people will think and how they will act towards you. 

Be good because you are meant to be good and not to try to showcase what you can do for people. 

Always be good to everyone you meet in this life, your paths might still cross. 

Be good to people without trying to blow your own trumpets or showcase your good deeds to the world. 

Treat people nicely because you ought to be good and not to let the world see what you have done. 

Be good to people because your soul is calm and giving and not to prove a point. 

Be good in real life and not just on social media. 

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