Daily Quotes

You will reap what you sow

At times, we do things without consideration and after-effects of what we do.

We are so much concerned about the present and neglect the future and what it holds. 

Life isn’t always about the present; the future is determined by our actions today. 

If you do bad, you will surely have a bad harvest. 

Life is like a boomerang. Anything will do will always come back to us.

My mom will always tell me to do unto others how I will like to be treated. 

As a kid, we would sit down outside the house, on moonlight day and have our mom tell us stories, giving us insight on how the world works and how to conduct our affairs. 

Always using animals to teach us about humans and nothing is hidden in the dark that won’t come to light, and whatever we sow, we would reap in multiple folds. 

The truth is that as much as these were mere stories and folk tales, it doesn’t mean that the lessons passed on from them aren’t useful. 

We, humans, are faced with the mentality that time is running, and we must have the best life has to offer and more, which makes us do things we shouldn’t be doing or going to places we shouldn’t be talking about. 

No matter how well we try to hide something no matter the length, we go to keep things a secret, one day those things we tried so hard to hide would be brought out in the sun. 

You can’t sow corn and expect to reap pears; life isn’t that way. We would always get what we sow when it is time to reap, and the harvest is always bound to be larger than what we sow. 

Whatever we do, would surely come back to us one day, no matter how long it takes. 

The bird told his children that whatever is hot will become cold, and no matter how high an object flies, it would surely come back to the ground. That’s the way things are. 

Always do good because you will surely reap what you sow. 

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