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Trust can’t be broken twice

We live in a world where it is better to walk through the valley of the shadows of death than to trust someone with deep secrets because we know that one day or the other, those things we said would be used against us in a bad way.

So, to us, it’s better to face the dragon face to face than to open our hearts and mind to trust someone with the slightest secret about our lives, social status, work, or even plans because the heart of men is evil.

It’s also safe to say that whenever someone confides in you a secret no matter how insignificant it may seem to you; the person is actually handing over his life to you and believing in you that you would keep his life safe.

It’s essential that we understand the value of someone trusting us unless we wouldn’t be able to keep what was handed to us safely because it’s said that when you don’t know how valuable something you have with you is, you tend to be careless with that thing. 

So, we should know that when someone trusts us with his plans or secrets, it is equivalent to someone giving gold to us and believing in us to keep that gold safe with us. So if anyone can trust us with a costly element as gold, we would appreciate the person because he believed in us.

Never break the trust of someone who confided in us, because trust can’t be broken twice.

That’s how it is supposed to be when someone trust’s you with a secret, do not break that secret but rather appreciate the fact that the person values you as a friend to confide in you

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