Daily Quotes

Be careful of what you allow into your life

Your hardest battle is between what you know in your head and what you feel in your heart.

The only reason a ship sinks is because of the water it allowed into itself. Things around us might not hurt us, but anything we allow into our life can be the end of us.

The hardest battle is always trying to find the right things you let into your life, and not letting your emotions be the ruler of your decisions and reasoning.

The biggest task in life is always making choices because they can make or mar you. Be careful of people and decisions you make in life, because they will always speak for you even in your absence.

Be careful of your company, because people influence each day more than anything in the world. If you find yourself in the group of five billionaires you shall be the sixth, and if you are in the group of drug addicts, sooner than later you won’t be different from them.

If you feed your life with bad thoughts, attitudes, and negativity, your end product shall surely be the worse, but when you take the opposite part, you will surely be better than anything in the world.

Take yourself as a fragile being that anything can breakdown, and when you are meticulous of whatever you allow into yourself; it will go a long way helping you filter all the trash thrown at you.

Live your best life, and be conscious of people, and whatever you accommodate. 

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