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Be careful of who you decide to hurt

Be careful of who you decide to hurt, because when they cry, God acts on their behalf.

Many times, I have always been on the sideline of events watching God and karma fight for me. I watched as all the people that caused me pain, had a tip of their own medicine.

Life has never been a bed of roses from my childhood, I always had to work for every penny I had. After my dad died at the age of sixteen, I had to work my ass out to make ends meet. My father wasn’t poor either, but my father’s relatives ceased us from having access to anything he owns.

My mother wasn’t strong either so she left them all; I was sad at how things turned out, but I believed that God will fight my battle.

I dropped out of school and started doing menial jobs to make ends meet. I took care of my mother, saved up some money, and started schooling.

 It was during those moments the government was looking for intelligent scholars to help. I was lucky to be selected, and that was how I graduated from law school and was called to bar.

I’m now successful, and no one will ever believe my story when I tell them how it happened, except my mom who stood by me throughout. My uncles who took everything my father had aren’t better than me today; they are suffering one in one way or the other.

Their children didn’t turn out well, they are nothing to write home about, they aren’t richer or in a better place. I’m not rejoicing in their failure or misfortune, but they reaped what they sowed.

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