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Be With Someone Who Cares

When two people come together and say they want to have a relationship, they are saying that they are opened to the commitments that come from being in a relationship.
The commitment includes trust, support, care, and others, depending on the dynamics of the relations.
When you are intentional about being with a person, there are specific attributes you look out for. We can get carried away by the beautiful external characteristics of a person that we fail to realize that the real deal is on the inside.
We all like to look good and good looking people tend to be more attractive, but good looks do not equate good characters. That a person is physically attractive does not mean that they will make the best partner for you.
When it comes to picking partners, the outward look of a person is not a criterion to judge by. Yes, we all have our preferences when it comes to the looks and carriage of the people we want to be with, but those are not the key things to look out for.
When you are with a person, there are things you should be confident about.
You should be confident in your position in their life and how much commitment they feel towards you.
A support system.
We all have our bad days. There are days when there is not enough self-love in the word to lift us up.
On days like this, we can’t even bring ourselves to love ourselves. We see ourselves in unflattering lights.
Be with someone who, on days like this, become your knight in shining amour or your fairy godmother.
Be with someone who will love you on your bad day as ideally as they love you on your good days.
Be with the person who will not leave you to wallow in self-loathe and hate. Be with someone whose love for you is strong enough to counter whatever negativity you might be peddling.
Some partners are terrible. Rather than be your support system on your bad days, they can manipulate you and cause you to spiral further down the whole. They will try to use your struggles against you and can use whatever help they render as a blackmailing chip in the future.
Do not stay in such a relationship. Avoid relationships that do not give you solace.
No one is perfect, but be with someone who understands your imperfections and loves you despite them.
Be with the person who loves you hard enough for two, especially on days you can’t seem to love yourself. On your path, be the person who will love them too on their bad days the same way you have loved them on their good days.
There is something about knowing that you are fiercely loved. It gives you confidence. Be the person that gives your partner the kind of love that gives them confidence.
When two people become who they want to be to each other, love is easier.

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