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You Are Your Happiness

A lot of us make one grievous mistake that follows us throughout our lives. The mistake of believing that our happiness is dependent on things external to us.
We have come to depend on people and things to make us happy.
The truth is that nobody can truly make you happy outside yourself. There is also nothing you can buy or have that will make you happy.
When we rely on the people around us to make us happy, we have effectively put the power of our happiness in their hands.
We give them the power to take our joy at will.
They should naturally not have power, but when we believe that our happiness is based on their action towards us.
Fortunately, that is not true. No one person can give you happiness, and nobody can take it away.
People can only take away what you permit them to take away from you.
Do not place your happiness on them.
Do not bank your happiness on your job. Do not believe that a new job, a promotion, or a different role will make you happy. It might give you a level of fulfillment, but it will not be the entire source.
Do not make your relationship the reason for your happiness. It is not your partner’s job to make you happy. Your happiness in your life is not based on them. You can be happy independent of your relationship. It is true that your relationship can contribute to or take away from your happiness, but it is not the complete determining factor.

Money is one item that everyone thinks will make them happy. We believe if we have more money, we will be happy, especially when we do not have a lot of it. What we do not know is that once we get a little money, we will continue to want more money. There is nothing wrong with having money, but it shouldn’t be the reason for your happiness. Money cannot buy happiness. It can help you find fulfillment by allowing you to do more for people, but it cannot be the root of your happiness.

The root of your happiness lies within you. You have little control over other people’s actions towards you, but you can control how you react and respond to their actions.
Keep in mind that you are the source of your happiness. When you allow people to control your happiness, you lose the power to make yourself happy.
You are all you need to be happy. You have to determine to be happy regardless of what people around you are doing.
Do not have expectations from people when it comes to happiness.
It is unfair to those around you for you to make them responsible for your happiness.
Do not wait to have a particular amount of money before you can be happy. Do not wait for that promotion before you choose happiness. Chose happiness, every time, every day. It is in your hands, and you deserve to be happy.

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