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Beauty Beyond the Physical

Have you ever seen someone who you considered not to be physically beautiful, but you found yourself drawn to them? They do not have the classic, attractive features and might not even possess the regular beauty identifiers, yet, somehow, you are attracted to them. True beauty is not what society has defined it to be. It goes beyond having the perfect body, the right complexion, the perfect nose, or lip shape. It is not in the perfect hair or clothes. True beauty is not on the surface. It goes beyond the physical. Sometimes, true beauty is not seen but felt. Attracted beyond looks. Do you know that a person can become 10 times more attractive because of their actions? People’s kindness, loyalty, and honesty can cause us to become attracted to them. This is because actions have longer-lasting impressions than look. Yes, looks can give first impressions, but actions will sustain the impressions a person makes on you. Take, for example; you had an encounter with somebody who went out of their way to help you at a very crucial period of your life. You are not concerned about their physical looks. The memories you have of them are associated with their actions towards you.Little acts of kindness make even the least physically beautiful person look beautiful. We, as humans, are naturally attracted to good things. While we might not be good, we find ourselves drawn to good things. Sometimes we selfishly search for good things because we know how important they are. No wonder people who are kind, loyal, and honest seem to attract people to themselves. These attributes in themselves are good, and they will always attract people. Sometimes we see a couple together and ask questions like “what does he see in her?” or “what does she see in him?”. We ask these questions because we can only see the surface. We make our judgments based on what is on the outside. The two persons involved in the relationship see beyond the surface. Their attraction defies the world’s definition of beauty and attraction. They know what they see in each other, and that’s what has attracted them to each other. The most attractive people.The most attractive people are not necessarily those who fit our physical definitions of attractiveness. We can say we are attracted to people who look a certain way. We can even say we will never be friends with people who do not have specific physical beauty markers, then one day, out of nowhere, we find ourselves being pulled into the least unlikely attraction with persons who do not fit our definitions of attractiveness. Suddenly we are attracted to their way of life; everything they do pulls us closer to them. Their actions are salted with good deeds of kindness. Their loyalty brings you closer. They are honest, and so you know where you are with them. These are the people whose attractiveness defies the physical.

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