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A Mother’s Love for Her Son

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest things that have happened to me as a woman.I must confess that I thought I wanted a baby girl as my first child, but when my ultrasound showed that I was going to have a boy, I felt an unusual kind of peace. It felt like it was the perfect situation.The first time I saw my son, I knew I would love this little bundle of joy for life. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t hold him for long; I was happy, grateful, and a little bit apprehensive. While I was grateful for the rare privilege to be a mother to this amazing bundle of joy, I was also scared of getting it wrong.Growing together.I know that my son and I grew up together. While I grew as the mother to a vivacious hyper-active, super-smart boy, he grew from a baby into the man he is today.The fact that he was my first child meant that I had to do a lot of first times with him. It was a learning curve with lots of special memories. These memories are the foundation of our deep bond.I grew from a young wife into a mother as he was growing up. I learned the difference between been strict and been harsh. I understood patience in a way I have never understood it. I learned to cater to another human being and anticipate their every need. I had an entire human being who was utterly dependent on me. I had to learn and learn fast.My son, my joy.My son is a grown man now, but the memories I have will forever be a part of me.We had so much growing up that we sometimes laugh over the mistakes i made learning to be a mother.I am proud of the man he is. My son learned from an early age to be affectionate. He would hug me, trying to make me smile if he saw a frown on my face. One time, he attempted to make me a cake. It was a messy job, but it felt so good to be loved. This is one of the unique things about him.We had our fights as he has always had a mind of his own, but we could never fight for long.The one thing I tried to do was to make sure his opinions we respected.I taught him also to respect other people’s opinions.Loving him was easy, and raising him made it easier for me to raise his younger ones.I love my son. He made me proud, and he made me smile, he made me laugh. His laughter still takes me back to the first smile he ever gave.My life is full and blessed with my children. They have made my life whole. Regardless of how far we are apart, I know I have my son as a friend for life.

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