Some women have dealt with the wrong man

Many times in this life, a woman meets a man and falls in love with who she “thinks” he is. As the relationship continues to develop, the woman starts to see the true colors of this man she once thought she loved. Sadly, some men truly don’t love a woman for who she is and what she has to offer, he only loves her for what he can take from her. No matter how hard the man tries, she continually catches him in his lies. He turns it all around and manipulates her to believe she is in the wrong for her acquisitions. This is how a man ruins a woman and it becomes very hard for her to ever get close to a man again, let alone trust in a man. Some men break a woman down so deeply, they are never able to love again. More often than not, the woman will isolate and build high walls around her to protect her heart. When another man tries to enter her life, she doubts his credibility. The truth the new man tries to offer her sounds like a lie and his sincerity feels like manipulation. It will take a very special man to prove to a guarded woman who protects her heart that he is sincere and true. A man that treats a woman like she deserves is a man who was raised by a woman who instilled the values of love and respect in him. Such men are often hard to come by. If you find true love and respect, cherish it. If you’re not being treated how you deserve, let it go. Protect your heart at all times because at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got.

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