Daily Quotes

Take time to slow down

Everyday is a blessing, a gift from God. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we don’t take time to slow down and notice the small blessings He gives to us each day. Take time each day to just slow down, enjoy the moment, just breathe and be grateful for all that you have. More often than not, when we slow down, we are more aware of the many blessings God places in our life. Blessings come in all shapes and size and they always show up when you need them the most. Take time each day, during this new month to slow down, to appreciate and give thanks for all God is doing for you and all that He has blessed you and your family with. When you are grateful and give thanks to Him, He will always reward you with more. We serve an awesome God. We should praise and honor him everyday, even when life gets hard. So today, let’s be grateful for small things and have faith big things are on the way. Amen

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