Because He is Your Son

“Because He’s Your Son” One day as you’re brushing the hairout of your little boy’s eyes or wiping the jelly off his sticky fingers, he looks up and gives you a smile that lights him up from the inside out, and you think to yourself…”It doesn’t get any better than this. “But it does…Because he grows up and becomes a good man and a good friend… and his smile still lights up your world.

Children are gifts from God, especially when we want them.

No. They are not always perfect, but there are moments in our lives with our kids when it feels like the whole world has aligned for us, and we are living our best lives.

Those moments are the ones that make the entire journey worth it. Being a mother to a son is an experience on its own. Here you are, a woman, holding a human being of the opposite gender.

In a traditional setting, he will spend the early years of his life close to you. In summary, your son’s formation years will most likely come from you. 

Whether father or mother, there are moments in your life with your son where it feels like they should never grow up. You want them to remain the same sweet little men you know.

It is easy and typically normal to hold those sweet moments and think ” it doesn’t get better than this”.

What can be better than you cleaning his sticky fingers or getting him ready for bed, and he smiles up at you, his whole face lights up and your world too? Nothing can beat that right?

Well, not really, it does get better. As he grows, your son will continue to light up the moments of your life.

He will grow from the little man whose hands you had to wipe, to the young man who will make you proud. When you think you have had the best moments with him, just then, will he do something to remind you that there are more beautiful moments ahead.

Oh, there will be moments when you will be tempted to hand him over to some charity group. Of course! He is a human being, and we get pretty annoying sometimes.  Even in those times, he is still your son, and that is the underlying emotion and thought. 

Whenever he does something wonderful, you will be caught up in the awe of him.

Children open our world up to the endless possibilities, beauty and love we are capable of.

No. We are not trying to paint a fairy tale picture of having children. The reality is not everyone wants to have children or enjoy having them, but if you do, then you can fully relate to the joy of being a parent.

When you experience those moments of absolute joy as a parent, be grateful for them, enjoy and move on.

Do not hold on the euphoria of those moments in fear that may never happen again, because they will.

They will happen more times than you can count, and in different ways.

None of these moments may share similar circumstances.  These moments of joy will most often than not, be caused by different things, but the feeling of joy, remains the same. 

Every time your son lights up your world, you will remember those moments, add them up together and be grateful for every one of them. In the end, your son will always light up your world, he will always be your son and your friend.

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