There is Something About a 60s Song

I love music. The power of music cannot be overemphasized. There is something about listening to good music, singing along that helps you get through the day.

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I have always been a big fan of music from the 60s. I like to see myself as an old soul.

One who is pulled to ancient, timeless art. Nothing beats Aretha Franklin belting out some of her greatest hits.

I grew listening to hits from the 60s. Some of my favorite memories are accompanied by music from the 60s.

I find it somewhat funny that I can remember the exact lyrics to a song from the 60s, but totally forget the reason why I went to the kitchen.

My love for 60s music started when I was a kid. These songs were blasting from the radio at every turn, and they provided the foundation or at least an accompanying soundtrack for many major events that took place in my life.

I have memories of my dad listening to the Beatles while he worked on his car, or my mum moving to an Elvis Presley hit while making dinner. My siblings and I grew up to these songs.

Music has evolved over time, with new acts making hits upon hits, and I love them.

I love the new sound of music. I also enjoy it when a young artist blends the modern sound of music with the sounds of the old era.

I love to hear a new take on an old sound. I enjoy the new twists that an artiste can put in an old song, and produce a completely different feeling. 

In spite of all these, I still have an unrestrained love for 60s music. There is something about the sounds from that era that has me hooked.

It doesn’t matter the genre of music.

Music is versatile, and that versatility is why music is powerful.

I remember my dad belting out the hit song by the Temptations: My girl. He sang it out loud to my mum wiggling around the house.

I remember my mum blushing and laughing at his silly antics. Till this day, I associate that song with love and companionship. 

Every time I hear “Stand by me”, I am thrown back to when it used to play from the radio, with Ben King putting all the feelings into every single lyric, and my parents dancing in each other’s arms, single the singing along.

Perhaps, it is because I experienced these songs with my family, or maybe because these songs were the soundtracks to my parent’s love which was beautiful.  Whatever the reason, songs from the 60s have a special place in my heart and life. That’s why the lyrics are stuck in my heart and my head.

It is way easier for me to remember the lyrics to ” These boots are made for walking ” by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood than why I had entered the kitchen on any random night.

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