Blessings and gifts for Christmas & new year

I wish for you blessings of peace, the spirit of hope and the comfort of love. May these be your gifts at Christmas and through the New Year.


Dear God, as we begin this holiday season and come to the end of a most difficult and trying year, I pray for my family and friends and for every person who walks this land to have Your blessings of peace.


For many months, we have struggled to find peace within the world we are living in. We know that you have a great plan for each and everyone of us and that Your perfect peace will be in our near future. So many of my family and friends have lost all hope and are running low on faith.


Dear God, fill their hearts and homes with hope and faith throughout this Christmas and beyond the New Year. Show them the way. Bring them joy, love and laughter even through the most difficult times.

Renew their faith and fill their heart with hope. There is no storm that last forever and we have hope and hold strong to our faith that you’ll bring us through.

Dear God, we miss our families. The restrictions placed upon us in fear of Covid have made a space between us for hugs and love we so desperately want to share with one another.

We are staying strong and we believe we will have brighter days ahead and a blessed New Year and the gift of togetherness for Christmas of 2021. God Bless All. Amen

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