Merry Christmas dad

For those Dads who have passed on,”We love you and miss you on Christmas”

Hello dad, it has been a while I wrote to you; I don’t know how I feel about this, but I just hope you can read this from wherever you are. 

I always make it a point of duty to write to you every Christmas because that’s the day you came into this world and that’s the same day you left. 

It has been a pretty bad Christmas ever since you left; things became harder ever since you left and we barely have enough to eat. 

I’m happy Christmas is here again and I can have a quiet time thinking of all we did together during Christmas. 

I can remember us pranking the boys and getting away with their Christmas gifts. 

Mom never liked us being together as she always says we are always up for mischief.

Christmas seems so boring without you; the house isn’t fun any longer and mom isn’t happy about Christmas too. 

Everyone is affected by your absence and I miss you the best; I miss everything we ever did together. 

You always made sure I got the bigger piece of the chicken, but these days we can barely get some rice talk more of a chicken. 

I miss the moments we spent together under the snow while waiting for Santa Claus to get me my Christmas gift and grant my wishes. 

It has been lonely waiting without you;  I really miss you dad and I hope you are doing great. 

For everyone who’s dads have passed on;  I love you and I wish you a fun-filled Christmas, be strong.  

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