The moments I live for

Have you ever hanged out with your friends and laugh so hard and get lost in the moment so much that you completely forget all your life problems?  Those are the moments I live for 💜

I never knew laughter could be the best therapy for a sad soul until I got to be with people who couldn’t stop making me happy. 

What started as a checkup on me turned out to be a routine, a day we catch up on our lives, comfort each other, and be happy at the moment. 

I lost both parents the same day and they died in the cruelest way ever and I was on the verge of losing my mind. 

Each night I can still feel their presence around me; I feel like my mom is still hovering over my door checking if I’m still up late reading my books. 

I can feel it all and it hurts so much because I can’t see them.

I didn’t laugh nor smile for months until my friends started making it a point of duty to visit me each day. 

It’s so funny how they crack me up with just a few sentences; it always makes me loosen up and focus on the brighter side of life, I can still be happy once again. 

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and they never stopped making my day; even with their busy schedule we always facetime if they couldn’t make it to my house. 

Life got a lot better with them; the happy moments we spent together have their way of making my day each time I think about it. 

I will always live for happy moments.  

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