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I’m ending the year on a good note

I’m not going to end the year on bad terms with anyone. If you did me wrong, you are forgiven and if I did you wrong, I hope you find a place in your heart and forgive me. 

The way the words slipped out of my mouth were quite funny; I never knew a day could come when I will let go of the past and embrace positivity. 

They never asked for my forgiveness, but I was willing to let it go and start afresh. 

It’s still alarming how my fiancee went from being my wife to be to my mother. 

We were in love and I didn’t have any reason to doubt her love, one of the reasons I noticed the signatures on the wall late. 

I noticed she was clearly into older men,  but I felt what she felt for me was genuine and couldn’t hurt me no matter what. 

What went to a one-time mistake turned into her whole life plan. I never knew she would opt for my father knowing how much I loved him,  but it’s all good. 

The hurtful part of the whole mix-up is she deceived me to the very last day; she invited me to her wedding with my father. 

I was dumbfounded and when I confronted my dad he was indifferent; I felt she used voodoo on him as my dad’s attitude changed. 

I was hurt beyond measures and decided to pull my life together; maybe she wasn’t the one for me and my dad ought to be happy too.

I let it go and make a fresh start; I decided to move on in positivity and let go of all the hurts. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised, I’m going to make the best out of the little time I have; I’m going to live, laugh, love, and put God first in everything.  

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