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Brain cells, hair cells and skin cells, they all die constantly

What woman out there can’t relate to this? We have tried every fad diet on the internet, starved ourselves to near death and no matter what, the scale doesn’t move. Weight loss for women is like a yo-yo. You’re on top of the world when the scale moves down one or two pounds and you think whatever it is you’re doing is finally working and paying off. In reality it was just water weight and the scale goes back up the next few days. Then you hit your 40’s and your metabolism is stuck and regardless how hard you try, the frustration piles high. We spend our time meal prepping trying to stay on track, we are walking in circles to get out steps in on our FitBit- we are doing everything possible and near losing our mind in the process. Don’t worry ladies, you are perfect as you are. We’ve given birth to beautiful children, we’ve endured so much and regardless of how big we might become, we are beautiful souls. You keep doing you and trying your best to get to the weight you desire. Just don’t lose yourself in the process. Drink your water, eat your fruits and veggies and count your calories. Sometimes we have to accept these fat cells truly do have eternal life!

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