Heart if you’ve ever been bullied

Bullying happens inside and outside of schools everywhere. Kids can be cruel and mean to other kids for reasons that stem from something inside themselves. Possibly they are jealous, they are dealing with their own problems in the wrong way, or everyone else is doing it so they join in. Bullying breaks down another persons self esteem, makes them feel unworthy and in return they suffer from within. Many kids who are bullied start to suffer at school, their grades fail, they no longer are interested in doing things they once enjoyed, sometimes children turn to drugs as a coping mechanism. As adults, it is our job to protect the child that is being bullied, even if it’s not your child, stand up for them! Show them that they matter. Nobody deserves to be mistreated and children shouldn’t have to deal with this burden. Being a child is tough, being a teenager is tougher and growing up into a stable adult while being bullied is hard, because the scars left inside them stays with them as the journey through this life. Please protect all children, let them know they are cared for and loved and do everything in your power to make it stop. Get your child into counseling to be taught how to handle negative feelings. A child being bullied is something that should never be ignored.

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