A Relationship should Bring You Peace

Often we find ourselves in a relationship, and we are not getting all that we should be getting from it. A relationship between two people should be mutual and bring peace to everyone in it. A relationship is about two imperfect people working on getting it right. A relationship should be a place of solace for everyone in it. It should bring peace. There is so much stress in the world. When we step out for our day-to-day activities, we encounter different situations that will stress us. We go out there to fight the world, and when we come back home, we wish to return to a place of solace. A two-way street. Relationships are not one-sided. Any relationship that is one-sided is situationship. It is selfish and greedy. A good relationship should be selfless. There should be no room for ego or self-interest. Everyone has to look out for each other. When two people decide to come together in a relationship, they are telling each other that they are willing to put in the work to be who they want for themselves. When your partner steps in through the door, do they feel safe with you? Do they feel like you have their backs? Can they unwind or relax with you? Are their place of rest? Do you add to their troubles or minimize their stress? Can they boast of having a friend in you? Beyond the physical. Relationships go beyond sex and sexual attraction. Underneath the attraction should be a solid foundation that provides each person in the relationship with what they need. You may not be able to satisfy your partner’s desires fully. To be honest, some persons can be very demanding, but when you are with the right person, it should be your desire to make the relationship a place of rest for them. When all a relationship can offer is sex, it does not fully satisfy the other needs of each partner. Beyond the physical attraction between partners, there should be mental compatibility. Support, trust, loyalty, compromise, kindness are some of the traits that make the foundation of a good relationship. Walk away from toxic relationships. A relationship that adds to your stress rather than takes it away is unhealthy. Unhealthy or toxic relationships exhibit some of these traits: they are draining, demanding, chaotic, emotionally blackmailing, they are selfish, and they are grabby, manipulative, and even pretentious. Usually, it is one of the partners that exhibit these traits, causing the other partner to give a lot of themselves. The giving partner receives little or nothing and is usually drained in the relationship. Such relationships will break your spirit. They will take everything you have and give you nothing in return. Rather than take your stress away, they will add to it and even take what little peace you have. When you find yourself in a relationship like this, it is important that you take your peace seriously and walk away from the relationship.

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