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Reading Cultivates a Child

The best time to teach a person is when they are children. The mind of a child is easily impressed. It is important to build the mind of your child by helping them plant healthy knowledge. Children cultivate habits when they are little. An adult that is addicted to video games was once a child whose parents allowed him to play lots of video games. There is nothing wrong with allowing your kids some screen time, but the best way to raise a child to become someone who thinks is to get them reading. A reading child who read will become an adult who thinks. When a child grows up reading, their sense of curiosity is sharpened. Their desire for knowledge increases, and they become people who think and analyze things. A whole new world. Have you ever met a child who seems to know a lot about so many things? You get all mushy and impressed that such a little person can be so knowledgeable. Here is the thing: that could be your child too if you are encouraging your child to read. Reading opens up your child to new experiences. It exposes them to culture, history, facts, and science. Many persons discovered their paths from the books they read. Reading is a luxury, some kids cannot afford, so if your kids are privileged to access books, why not encourage them to read. From the exciting tales of myths to the facts and history in biographies, books will help your child to live beyond the four walls of their home. Not only will their imagination broaden, but their knowledge will also grow, and their thinking will be different from that of their counterparts. Children who read are curious, they are game-changers, and they are smarter. They learn and apply. They live in a different world, one where anything is possible. Through books, they will learn how to be brave and courageous. Want to raise financially savvy children? Give them books. Want to raise children who will change the world? Teach them to read. Want to raise daughters who will make waves in STEM? Get them reading books on women in STEM, innovation, science literature. Etc. Nothing will take away the knowledge children get from reading. Put two kids in the same room and monitor them. Allow one to read books strictly and allow the other to strictly play video games and surf popular social media apps on a smartphone. The child who has a smartphone might know the latest story of celebrities and maybe even some World news. The child with the books will speak with more insight and knowledge. Does this mean children should not have fun? No. there should be a balance. Children can also have fun with reading. They must see reading as fun. You can also convert screen time to reading and research time. This will also help to put some fun into their reading. Over time it becomes a habit for them.

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