Briatain’s oldest Mom of Quadruplets defied the odds despite being born prematurely at just 31 weeks

Tracey was raised in Preston but now lived in London. explored the option of IVF with her 40-year-old husband Stephen after unsuccessfully trying for a baby naturally.

For being too old for NHS, the couple had a visit to clinic. And embryo was transplanted successfully.In October 2018 she gave birth to George, identical twins Francesca and Fredrica and sister Grace, in London.

Tracey Britten, 51, (pictured with husband Stephen and children George, Francesca, Fredrica and Grace) who was raised in Preston but now lives in London, hit the headlines last year when she gave birth to four IVF tots at 31 weeks

Tracey nearly fell off the bed when she got to know that she was pregnant with 4 babies. And she felt that she was having an out of baby experience. But unfortunately her joy converted into sorrwo when doctor reported that two of them had been aborted.

It was a fitting tribute to Pauline Smith, who lost her life in 2007 and left £7,000 for daughter which she spent on fertility treatment. She gave birth to George, Grace and identical twins Francesca and Fredrica despite the risk last year on 26th October.

The miracle babies came into the world more than a decade after Pauline’s death and Ms Britten said she had always been saving her mother’s money ‘for a rainy day

Tracey said she had always been saving money of her mother for “A rainy day”. And she thought the dream of having more children is the best way to spend that money.

She said ‘Mum always wanted one of her girls to have twins so I feel blessed that I was able to do that for her.”

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