Kenny Rogers’ fortune after his death

When the world heard about the death of Kenny Rogers everyone was touched and was in grief. Social media posts couldn’t stop coming in and he was popularly known for every penny he earned.

Kenny Rogers, Jefferson Davis High School in Houston, Texas (1955)

Kenny Rogers was born on August 21, 1938, in Houston, Texas. He was born into a family of six and his parents weren’t well to do either. His father was an alcoholic and it affected Kenny a lot. Kenny said his father started drinking because he was burdened with not being able to carter for his family.

Kenny knew he had to be successful and most of all never get involved in alcoholism. Kenny wanted to get into the music industry from his high school even though he didn’t know how to go about it. He graduated from high school and formed a band called Scholars. In the 1970s, Kenny focused on country music and in 1977 released “Lucille” which was a huge success, bringing Kenny his first Grammy.

Kenny Rogers (left) / Seth Poppel-Yearbook Library

In 1978 Kenny won a new Grammy for the success of the hit “The Gambler”. His collaboration with Dolly Parton contributed to his fame as well, as their project turned out great, and went on to collaborate on many other songs.

Kenny was making a lot of money from his career, but to him, that wasn’t the most important it was the happiness it brought him. He went on to try other things asides from being a music star. He was an actor and an entrepreneur. Kenny’s marriage has been a roller coaster as his 5 marriages weren’t futile.


He has five children and his marriage never lasted because he always chooses music over it. In 1958, Kenny first got married to Janice Gordon and they have a daughter together. The second marriage happened in 1960 and lasted for only three years. His third marriage was with Margo Anderson in 1964 and they have two children together.

He got married to Marianne Gordon in 1977 which was his fourth marriage, this lasted about 16 years. Later, Kenny met Wanda Miller Rogers while on a blind date with another woman. Wanda was 26 then.

Kenny Rogers / Instagram

Wanda’s parents didn’t approve of the relationship as they were just two years younger than Kenny. Kenny promised to treat Wanda right and he will never disrespect them.

The duo got married in 2004 and had identical twin boys, Justin and Jordan. They stayed together until Kenny died in 2020, he died in his house in the presence of Wanda and the children. His net worth is estimated to be $ 250 million when he died.

He decided to divide the fortune between the 5 children and Wanda.

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