Geena Davis today- Age, net worth, family, children

Geena Davis was born in Wareham, Massachusetts on January 21, 1958. “My parents are both from Vermont, very old-fashioned New England,” she explained. “We heated our house with wood my father chopped.

My mom grew all of our food. We were very underexposed to everything.” By the age of three, Geena knew she wanted to be an actor. She became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the 1980s and 1990s.

She explained: “I was three years old, and how I even knew it was a job, I have no idea, because we were only allowed to watch Disney movies, which were animated.” Geena’s dream of becoming an actress started looking like a mirage after she went into sports.

In high school, she was the tallest among her peers and self-esteem a lot. “They always wanted me on the basketball team, but I wasn’t too good,” she told The Chilliwack Progress in 1985. “Track was my thing.

I did high jumps and hurdles on the girls’ team. But it was hopeless if you were taller than everybody else. “I had one date in high school, I lied about my height when I started modeling because, believe it or not, you can be considered too tall. “I would wear high heels on job interviews so they wouldn’t know my actual height, I said I was 5-foot-10, but I’m actually 6 feet tall.”

Geena went into the film industry and signed with Zoli Agency and was featured as a model in the famous Victoria Secret Catalog and she knew she was just a leap away from the movie industry. “I knew I wanted to be in movies, as opposed to theater,” she told NPR. “I decided that I would try becoming a model first because, at that time, Christie Brinkley and Lauren Hutton were being offered parts in movies.

And I thought, OK, well, I’ll just become a model, and then they’ll just offer me parts because obviously, it’s so much easier to become a supermodel. “It ultimately all worked out for me, but the likelihood of becoming a famous model was actually pretty slim, and I didn’t,” she added. “I did get work, and it was through my model agency that I got my first acting job.

Her career started flourishing after she moved to Los Angeles. Geena left the spotlight when she turned 40 and she seems to be doing perfectly well after. She has been inspiring and trying to create a difference in her world.

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