Don Knotts from The Andy Griffith Show- Do you remember him?

Don Knotts will always be remembered for his iconic role as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show and as landlord ‘Ralph Furley’ from the late 1970’s television series Three’s Company.

He provided us with many comedies that always left us rolling and even up to this date his comedies never get stale; it cracks me up each time.

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He became one of the most famous in the United States after his break via The Andy Griffith Show.

Not much is known about him as he has always been protective of his personal life and many secrets about him came to life after his death in 2006.

Don was born in 1924 in Morgantown, West Virginia. His father, was a farmer and his mother was already 40 when she had him, he grew up in poverty.

Don’s early life was very tough as his father suffered from a mental illness, he usually have a nervous breakdown. He was once seen chasing his son with a knife, he was defined as violent.


Those traumatic events in his early life were the contributions of his introverted and private nature.

Don had four brothers but lost two when they were young. He lost his eldest brother, Earl when he was just 13 years. Earl suffered pneumonia and he lost the fight.

Despite all the traumatic events he faced, he still found a way to put smiles on the face of people.

Don traveled to New York to make a name in the entertainment industry, but he came back home dejected and enrolled in the army.

Don Knotts (1924-2006)

It wasn’t long, he had used his enlistment to further his goals, touring and performing for the troops with his doll Danny “Hooch” Matador in a show called Stars and Gripes.

He never held any weapon during the war or was involved in a fight, he only eased the soldiers and made them laugh at the end of the day. He got several medals.

When Don was cast as Deputy Barney Fire in The Andy Griffith Show, he probably didn’t realize that it was going to change his whole life. Don achieved huge success starring as the thin, wiry, and high-strung deputy.

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He became very successful in the show business and left his prints in the feet of time.

According to Karen, her father never lost his sense of humor – not even when he knew he was going to die.

May he keep resting in Peace.

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