Bride leaves empty seat for her late son, then cries seeing who showed up at her wedding

As Becky Turney prepared to get married, the loss of her late son Triston made her cry in the middle of the ceremony. Therefore she saved an empty seat for her late son in order to fulfill the loss. But there appeared a guest in blow leaving Turney in tears.

Becky said about how the day began making her amazed and what surprise was on the way for her. Becky said, “Everything was normal, I walked down the aisle with my dad and he handed me over to Kelly, That was all normal.”

When Becky went towards the aisle, her fiance which was soon going to be her husband walked down from the aisle coming towards the crowd. Becky said “I was like, what are you doing? We are getting married right now.”

Kelly took over the crowd and mentioned that they have left the seat empty for 19 years old son of Becky who passed away in 2015. Also, he mentioned that Triiston was an organ donor who saved the life of 5 people. Becky was in absolute shock after hearing the words.

She said, “At that moment, I just lost it If my brother-in-law hadn’t been holding my hand, I would have fallen down.” The special guest, Jacob Kilby, then walked up to Becky and met her in person for the very first time.

Triston had donated his heart to a person who was invited to the wedding ceremony. That was the most precious gift for Becky. She hugged the boy and started listening to his heartbeat and was crying. She said It was the most amazing moment of my life. “I threw my arms around him and told him that it was the greatest gift in the world.”

Listening to her son’s heart she said “It was amazing. Jacob asked me if I wanted to hear Triston’s heart. It was his heart and it was beating so strong. I was saying, ‘This is so amazing, that’s Triston’s heart.’ It was emotional.”

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