Newlyweds killed in early morning crash less than 48 hours after their wedding

After 48 hours of the wedding ceremony of Jessiah Plemons and Lilly Rose, a tragic accident took place. Their disabled car crashed with a truck which killed the newly married love birds. According to the Knoxville police the accident took place on 17th October at 3 am.

Facebook/Lily Rose Plemons

They were pronounced dead after the scene whereas the driver of the truck was taken injured to the hospital. Lilly’s cousin August McClelland said, “I think that’s what made it harder, is the fact that she was the happiest she’d ever been and it got taken away from her,”. It seemed that they were excited and had raised the speed. And the truck crashed from another side with their vehicle.

Now families of Now Jessiah and Lily are mourning their loss. Her aunt said “Lily was just the life of our family. She would just bring sunshine into the room. Her laughter would fill the room,”

Families of the couple were unaware of the accident and the death of their beloved ones. Jessiah’s sister Milea Effler, said that she got to know about his brother’s marriage through Facebook and wanted to congratulate him but never got the chance to do so. “Next thing you know, I get a knock on my door. And it’s just, it’s every mother’s nightmare. Every mother’s nightmare,” Plemons said.

It’s so sad instead of celebrating the marriage, their families are mourning the loss. Both their families are suffering from a difficult time and need extreme support to come out of the tragedy

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