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The Sun Will Shine Again

There are some regions of the earth where they experience complete darkness for a stretch. The sun does not rise or set, and they are unable to tell when it is a new day except by a watch. Imagine the joy they will feel when the sun eventually comes.

That is how our lives are. There are periods in our lives when we experience terrible times.

When we are going through such experiences, we find ourselves in a dark place.

It is normal to lose hope in such situations.

Negativity thrives in fear. It is easier for us to build up our feelings of anxiety.

Here is the truth: the dark times do not last forever.

What is broken can be fixed. It does not matter how broken it is. We only have to open up ourselves for us to be fixed. What is hurting can be healed. We have to be willing for healing to happen.

The first step to healing and wholeness is believing that it is possible for healing to happen. When we believe that what is broken can be fixed and healing can happen, we position ourselves to receive healing.

It does not last forever.

Everyone has felt hurt, broken, and been in a dark place at one point in their lives. The one common feeling we have at such times is the feeling that that situation will not pass.

Looking back, we realize that we were wrong.

When we hurt, we might not be in the right frame of mind to be hopeful, but that is the time we need to be hopeful the most.

Remaining positive and hopeful during a dark period takes effort, but is the one thing that can see us through.

The worst thing we can do when we feel broken or when we hurt is to allow ourselves to get sucked into the abyss of pain more.

Rather than curl up within ourselves, it is time to reach out. We may not be able to trust those around us to help us heal, but we can trust God to reach deep within us and fix what is broken and heal what is hurting.

The complexities of human life makes it hard to outline the things that cause a person to hurt or the things that breaks a person.

Anyone can be broken, and everyone gets hurt.

One would think that this fact would cause every human being to be more understanding of what another person is going through.

Unfortunately, the selfish nature of man makes a lot of us a poor source of help to those that are hurting.

The knowledge that man might not be a reliable source of healing, light, or consolation does not mean that healing is not forthcoming.

In the throng of selfishness lies the few who are lights in the darkness, who bring healing and fix what is broken. They channel God and do not ignore those in pain.

We must be hopeful in dark times. Remember that no matter how dark the night is, the sun will always rise.

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