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A Friend for All Ages

Life happens in seasons, and God has designed it so that in every season, we come across people who are our friends. As humans, we have a natural instinct to seek friendship and companionship, and for every season or stage of our lives, we draw to ourselves people that are vital to that particular stage of our life. The normal life on an individual goes from childhood stage up to adulthood.

At every stage of life, there is someone who sticks around. They are seasonal friends. They come into our lives and make an impact, but just for that season. Right after that stage, we either drift apart or lose touch with them. It is not like something bad happens. Most times, life happens and takes them away from their life.

I like to believe that they have served their purpose. The same way we have friends for every stage, so are we friends for a stage for different people. There are people who will go through life, having only friends for different stages of their life. There are some really lucky fellas who will have either a particular friend or a group of friends who is there for every stage. These are the kind of friendships we form from the early stages of our lives, and they continue for life. Friendships, like all relationships, have their ups and downs. Life-long friendships have to survive the ups and downs that comes with been together for long. Compared to the friendship that only lasts for a season or stage, life-long friendships have the advantage of been there for every important event.

Friendship for all time

People who have had their friends since the early stage of their lives might not realize how lucky they are. They have friends who have been with throughout their lives. They will have people who know them, their history and background. There is a kind of comfort that comes from knowing that someone really knows you, and they are always there. Such friendships are always two-way. That is the only way the friendship will survive and last long. One-sided friendships tend to die off as the strain of holding up a friend can be too much on the person who is holding up the friendship. One stage or all stages, be appreciative. Yes, people who have the same friend for all stages of their lives are lucky, but whether it is for one stage in your life or for all stages, you have to be appreciative of all the friendships in your life. Friendships are essential to our existence as human beings, and when we have good friendships, it is important that we cherish them. Whether we are lucky to have such friendships for just one stage of our lives or all through our lives, we have to recognize them for what they are: blessings. We must be grateful for the people we have in our lives, no matter how long they spend in our lives. Everyone who enters our life has a purpose, and the earlier we begin to appreciate the friendship, the easier it is to enjoy and appreciate their purpose in our lives.

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