Bus driver hits brakes when she spots 2 little kids alone in freezing cold

Nicole felt there is something wrong when she saw two children shivering without warm clothes in the winter. In today’s world, you will find everyone focusing on their goals and aims without noticing the trouble of others. But still, some kind-hearted people are found in the world.


Sometimes you will find a stranger opening the door for you or getting up and standing up for you if there is something not right. The same kindness bus driver did on a frigid morning.

It started when she was two children standing with an adult. Nicole Chamberlain, a bus driver from Wisconsin, shared with WISN details of how she helped two kids wandering along the road.


It was Monday and the snow-covered the whole ground. The temperature was 18 degrees. Nicole saw a toddler and her elder brother standing. It was 2 years old girl and her 6 years old brother.

“The little girl only had on a t-shirt and diaper and neither of them had a coat on,” Nicole Chamberlain said.


“They were headed toward a busy intersection and I knew there was no school bus stop down there, or school, so I knew right away I had to pull over and help them.”

She was there to make sure nothing wrong had happened to them . Nicole shouted “whoa” when she spotted the two children. She then hit the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road.


The bus driver came out and asked them what had happened and what are they doing out on such a snowy morning. Kids replied that they are looking for their grandmother.

“I said, ‘Come with me, I’m gonna put you on the warm bus and I’ll help you find grandma.’”


She covered the legs of the toddler with her coat and told the police of the whole situation. But with a few minutes, waiting grandmother of the children arrived.

She explained she was in the basement when her grandkid came outside and the baby sister followed him

“If that were to happen to my children, I would hope that there would be somebody — a decent human being — that would stop and help my kids,” said Nicole.

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